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Le bon profil.

"... instrumental finding principled and creative solutions to sensitive issues...She listens carefully and acts judiciously, and will reliably represent the interests of her faculty colleagues.”

 -Prof. Pericles Lewis, Vice President, Global Strategy, Yale University

"Alors que l’Université fait face à des enjeux majeurs en matière d’éthique et de liberté d’expression, l’expertise de Nomi en la matière au sein des membres du Bureau serait d’une grande utilité."

-Prof. Patrick Leblond, UOttawa

" a deeply insightful, proactive and compassionate academic leader. the forefront of curriculum, programme and policy developments that have had demonstrated effects on the academic life of faculty, students and staff... She is able to bridge...differences of opinion with skill and tact...[and] is empathic and kind with unwavering integrity."

- Prof. Jeannette Ickovics, Dean of Faculty, Yale-NUS

"Elle est évidemment une éducatrice surdouée; perspicace, engageante et patiente.”

-Olivier Dymant, étudiant, UOttawa

Nomi Claire Lazar Headshot BoG.png
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